Food Recipe *** BBQ Seekh Kabab

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Assalam U Alaikum Steem family

How are you all? I am fine by the grace of Almighty Allah. Please stay safe and healthy (Aameen)

Today I am sharing BBQ seekh kabab recipe we had a party in our home so I made seekh kabab and dessert


seekh kabab.jpg


Chicken Mince:: 5 kg
Beef Mince:: 5kg
Onion:: Extra large:: 8
Green Chilies:: 25,30
Seekh Kabab Masala::10 packets
Roasted and Crushed Coriander::10 tbs

In a food processor chopped Mince finely

Beef Mince

beef qeema.jpg

Chicken Mince

chicken qeema.jpg


Cut onion into pieces and chopped well in a food processor, put in a gauze cloth, and squeeze all water and crushed all green chilies


onion and chili.jpg

Add Roasted and crushed coriander and Seekh kabab masala

roasted coriander.jpg

kabab masala.jpg

Mix well and rest it at least for 2 hours ...With the help of greased hands take a mixture and thread on a metal skewer

seekh kabab 2.jpg

seekh kabab.jpg

Cook until done Approximately 10 mins

Ate them with yogurt green chutney (sauce) and sliced onion
serving kabab.jpg
It was very spicy because of the green chilies I used Thai green chilies everyone like them so much
(chicken Tikka made by my husband and unfortunately no pictures were taken)

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