The Beauty of a Very Impressive Little Wild Flower | Macrophotography

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Wild Flower

Hello friends, how are you today

Greetings to all friends who have visited this very happy community, of course I really hope that everyone is in good health and in good health and on this very extraordinary opportunity to meet again with me in this community and of course as usual I will cheer you up with some of the beauty of my photography to all of you, of course, about photography, I will share with you today, namely about macro photography and pictures of objects that I have, namely about wild flowers that I found in the forest a few days ago.

talking about the beauty of nature, of course, is no stranger to various kinds of ears for us humans because natural beauty is very varied and of course very interesting when looked at like some natural beauty such as flowers and also others and flowers are also very much liked by people, especially women who really like we often find various kinds of beautiful flowers and many beautiful flowers in parks and in special gardens and also many women plant flowers in front of the house because they can be considered as one of the plants that beautify the yard of the house as we know that the beauty of wild flowers is also a lot that we find in forests like the wildflowers that I share with you today I found them in the forest and they are very small and white in color which has a combination of yellow at the midpoint which makes these wildflowers quite impressive.

a few days ago I deliberately went to the Aceh forest which is near my house to look for some photographic objects and when it happened during the day of course I was very interested in taking some photos and I brought my smartphone camera in my pocket and of course I also brought a macro lens because I became any object in the wild forest to shoot some photos and finally I found several types of photography there, one of which is the wild flower that I share with you today and this wild flower I don't know the name of if you know the name of these wildflowers please comment below I really appreciate your comments and I photographed these wildflowers using the Android Samsung galaxy j7 pro camera and of course when I selected some of the photos because these were very small in size so I added a macro lens to my cellphone and as you can see I managed to take some f that photo from a different point of view, while I edited the image using Adobe Lightroom, some of the results of the photos, let's see together below, I hope you are entertained and like it.

NOTE : I write in Indonesian with the help of Google to translate to English

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