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Ohayougozaimasu minnasan, have a good day! I hope that everyone in this community are okay. Well anyways let me share to you guys my blog for this beautiful morning.


Staying in Japan for almost a year is not a waste cause I've learned a lot, learning their culture and meet many friends. One of them is my handsome japanese childs friend. It's not too difficult to mingle them even if we have different language to speak because my loneliness for my children in the philippines is what makes it easy for me to mingle with them.


At first I was hesitating to make friends with them cause Im afraid that their parents would get angry with me. But then I found out that it was okay cause I ask them. During our day off, they always came in our ryou to have fun with us, sometimes if we are on the church they are sad because they can't have fun with us. Sometimes we eat together. Playing them with their scooter. There are times that when we have our days of work they bring us fruits that planted near on our ryou. They are the one who pick it on the tree.



When we played bandminton, they also join with us. That's why as time pass they became close to me. When the time comes to go back home here in the philippines it was very hard for me, cause I already treated them as my children. It was very hard for me to leave just like the time during my departure from Philippines to Japan. The flashback happen again. My heart is very soft when it comes to a child. But I can't do nothing. It is really needed to went back to the Philippines. See you on my next journey there in Japan kids.... I will always remember all of you kids... Anata ga koishii😂😍

Missing all of you,


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