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I described my street many times, how to get there. The postwoman can find it and so did the postman before her. Both have, just like me, a hard time getting over here.
The street... it can be a mudpool, a river of mud mixed with sheep poop, the border we can not cross so we stay home for several weeks (the max was 6 weeks) till we can drive.

It can be a road filled with knee high weed about 1.5 kilometres which will only disappear if I take care of.
It's a road without a name because the area has a name and we only have a number. A number that doesn't make sense and will not be found if you don't know where our home is.

My street is a land road, sand mixed with poop of at least 400 sheep.
It's the place where ants have their nests in the ground and even wasps dig themselves in. Mice, rabbits and foxes cross it just like deer and pigeons.
If no one cuts the branches of the trees it will look like a path into the woods soon.

The street gives peace because of the view, being alone and stress if it leads to nowhere, beause 112 (911) will never come to your rescue, parcel deliveries can not find it and hunters, those who want to get rid of their trash and dump their dogs just like thieves can.

This is my entry to the daily 5-minute freewrite hosted by @mariannewest. The prompt is written in bold.
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a funny description

It's the truth nothing but the truth and I couldn't think out something else. Thanks for the visit.

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