UnTitLeD #SoftErotica

in Freewriters3 years ago

He was drawn to her
Like a fish would be to bait
Below the surface
His heart secretly raced
When she ran her delicate finger
On his lower lip.

His chest throbbed
As hard as his third leg
The minute her dress dropped
At her wobbly feet
And unfamiliar urges begged
To be set free.

His lips burned
To consume hers unapologetically
While her cheeks in return yearned
Her hands to frantically
Hide the flush
Selling out her blood rush.

He responded to her call
By pinning her to the closest wall
Watched her let him take her to the moon
His hands acting like spoons
Scooped her up to mid air
And he claimed her there.

His back caved
As his hips moved like waves
He took what no one had ever taken
Forced her sexual fossil to awaken
From the pits
Of questionable breeds.



Sometimes I find myself writing like the way I have found myself writing this. It is a freewrite and unedited... What do you think you who is reading it?

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