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I don't know if I was born with it or I developed it, but these last months I have noticed that dust gives me allergies. There was a time when sweeping and dusting I would sneeze, but very fast, I estimate that in five minutes after starting to use the broom I would start the first sneezes, but I did not pay attention to it, until it was literally the point of sneezing up to 10 times in a row, sneeze after sneeze, in a moment my nose was red and after 15 minutes my abdomen was hurting from sneezing so much. The vinegar helped me to unclog my nose, but now I repudiate the smell, it makes me nauseous.

The only relief was a desloratadine pill that helped me to reduce the sneezing, but the bad thing was that it put me to sleep. From that moment on I knew that sweeping was not my thing. The same thing happened with wiping rags to clean items on the nightstand or in the combing machine. Nothing that has to do with dirt or dust, everything causes me allergies, but it was not always, because sometimes I cleaned and I did not get anything, until I relapsed again in sneezing, I decided not to pass a broom anymore, what I do is to pass coleto, even so I put on a mask to have more protection. But the mask with the broom still makes me sneeze, I don't know if it's mental or not.

At least a few months ago we started cleaning out the top of the closet in grandma's room, it had a giant powder room, as it wasn't a frequently used closet, but rather to store things that might not be seen for years, but were known to be there. We found two cameras, a film camera and another one that printed your photos, the latter was dusty and in very bad condition, it was not in a box like the other one, this one was out in the open. I had never had the opportunity to see one of those cameras except in photos.

We asked grandpa, who even though he has Alzheimer's, had a flash of having bought it, but he didn't know at what time and even less about its value. And the person who knew is no longer around to tell us, maybe he would not remember its value either, but he would remember a possible date and some other anecdote he must have had. Did you know that the word Alzheimer's comes from the surname of a doctor, I discovered it last week, when I was reading more about the disease and possible causes of it, it is an eponym that I did not know, I thought it derived from an ancient Greek word.

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