Day 1224: 5 Minute Freewrite: Friday - Prompt: it never happened

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Prompt: it never happened

  • Set your timer for 5 minutes
  • Start writing
  • Use the hashtag #freewrite
  • Publish your piece (include a link to this post if you wish)

Copy and paste your URL into the comment section of the prompt post.

  • Or, if you don't want to publish your freewrite, just copy and paste as a comment under the prompt post.



The Freewrite House is open again on Steem!!!

We have 2 Contests happening right now. Go to @freewritehouse and check it out!

If you are on Hive and participating in the contests there - you may copy and paste and use your work on both platforms.




I have a favor to ask. If you are on YouTube, can you please subscribe to my Sustainable Living Podcast channel. I am not asking you to watch, just to subscribe. I want to be able to do live Yoga classes and need more subscribers before I can access that function.


Freewrite Info, Tips and More


If you don't know what a freewrite is, here is a link to the introduction post.

Here is @snook's excellent tutorial on how to join our freewrite adventure

And @improv's input:

Two things I do a little differently. I just type "timer" into google and it pops up a 5-minute timer. I also type directly into steemit. I also rarely use a photo, don't I? So that's three things.

Please read, comment and vote (if you have voting power) on each others freewrites as much as you can. Especially if you are new to the platform, you will be surprised how many friendships are formed by reading and commenting on each other's work!


Writing help

  • A free app: Grammarly. A lot of us are not native English speakers and I am finding it a helpful app. It will underline spelling and grammar mistakes. Just remember that is is not always right -especially if you use complex sentence structures. Here is the link

  • Remember The Most Dangerous Writing App. You set the time - 5 min - and start typing. Don’t stop!!! It will destroy what you wrote if you stop for more than 3 seconds - and backspace does not count as writing on the app. If you are prone to stop and think - this app forces you to keep going. You can make corrections after the 5 minutes are over.

  • A timer. Egg timer is a free tool you can use on your desktop to set a time. This is useful for our freewrites or if you want to work in blocks of time and then take a break. Here is the link

  • I found this app through @emwalker. Use it regularly and it will help you type faster and more accurately. [10 fast fingers](

  • If you know of other helpful tools or people, please share with us!


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Staying Legal

This is an excellent article by @dmcamera on how to use images legally. A must read!!

Join us for the daily 5 - Minute Freewrite. Check my profile for a new prompt every day.


All images are my own unless otherwise cited.



Click on the graphics to vote for Enginewitty as a witness

Join us at the Freewrite House for fun and games!!! Weekly drawing for SBI memberships and so much more!! The Freewrite House is on Hive.


Other ways to earn cryptocurrency

I will benefit if you use my links

Listen to the Sustainable Living Podcast here!

Buy Freewrite House Swag here


Are you getting the cold weather now MariAnne?

Can we just pretend it never happened? Sorry to bring Kafka to your gates:

My first post on Steemit has been in response tot this post. Would love it if you'd check it out :)

Dear Free-writers and -readers, and especially @owasco

I am sorry for bringing Drama to your door. Especially when it is not of the Shakespearian, Chekhovian or any other such savory variety. Marlowe and Ibsen also come a little to mind. No this was not the kind of drama anyone wants.

I'm sorry also to bring this to you in a comment, but I've already used up my maximum of 4 posts for the day.

Wasted a few, but what can you do? There's always tomorrow.

You can, however, be heartened that amends have been made, Yohan and I have each in turn apologized, and bitter words and silences have turned to kind ones.

I try to contain my inner fire at all times, but when I get offended (prolly too easily) this becomes very difficult for me.

Sorry to you @mariannewest

and anyone else that saw what they saw and didn't want to have.

I'm still hoping for a 3-part Freewrite for tomorrow, and I hope to see you all then.


It took me half an hour to figure out what you are talking about here.
I thought about leaving a comment similar to yohan's on your #4. That really should be very easy. It looks like you are using steempeak. Is there not a "send" button underneath your steem tokens amount?
I can't always get back to my notifications, and I know I miss some of them.

Heyye, yeh it's all there if yer looking.

But no worries, my friend, it seems you're in more of a mood for brevity lately, and that doesn't bother me none.

For me, the steemit experience really became a whirlwind for a while very recently. So much of it has been tremendously positive actually, and I've gotten a lot of support from people/places that was completely unexpected.

But on a personal level, I'm just sitting with all those residual feelings of conflict -- whether real or imagined -- and it does for-lack-of-a-better-word feel like yuck inside.

Prolly won't be as active as usual until tomorrow, so if you don't hear back from me for a little while here maybe, don't think twice about it.

Another thing that irks me is that I botched my delegations. I'm pretty sure you actually recommended I stay away from delegating my SP, either for a while or always. Did we talk about that, or am I making that up?

The silver lining is that in about 5-days-time (whenever the pending of my delegation withdrawal processes) my Steem Power is going to at least triple overnight.

Another quick question, I noticed I got a 0.03 up-vote from Steem Basic Income. Does that mean that I have enough of that stuff (was it called SB?) that I won when you nominated me in the Freewriters contest? Or can that account up-vote you directly for other reasons?

Hopefully that all made sense. I'll still spell-check meself and hopefully successfully, but I'm not of a mind to have to edit anything.

It's always a joy and a pleasure to keep the dialogue going with you Owasco. I hope I never do anything to make you regret knowing me.

It's usually you saying this, but today I'm going to say...I gotta get away from this screen for awhile.


Oh! I don't know for sure, but I'll make a guess about the sbi payout.

Sbi votes only go to sbi holders. (hey, when you figure out what hodl means, please tell me) The more sbi you have, the more it pays out. I think it took you two weeks (or however long it's been) since you got the sbi to accrue enough credit to get a payout over dust level. I'll wager you will continue to get that 3 cents on one post every two weeks (or so). If you get another 4 sbi somehow, you'd get that vote once a week. I have enough sbi to get something on every post, but the more I post in a week, the smaller those payouts are. I hope that helps.

Sometimes I don't have time to leave thoughtful comments on posts, and just upvote them instead. I don't like to just say "good post", it's better to say nothing than something like that. My opinion.

I do agree with the "good post" practice; even though some of my comments are brief, I don't hope for any of them to be curt, or really mechanical either, and I love the hodl drop

Hold on for that----

Interesting how the sbi seems to work... I'm grateful for whatever.....

Hits different that it landed on 666

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