Meet the Characters Featuring Jack | 'Don't You' Trilogy Special

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Author's note: I have previously released two books. I'm working on a third one, but I've been quite delayed. I have yet to get back on track with continuing with the follow up novella as well as the rest of the series for this trilogy. For the meantime, I will share about the characters of my story. They are all fictional characters. I created their images via I would admit to have these looks on my mind as I wrote the story. I will feature each character one at a time. Meet Jack...


Meet Sheila


Jackson Heins, burdened by the political ambitions of his father who is Mayor of Samheinrock, Jack would rather see to the peace and order of their sleepy mountaintown as Sheriff Heins. But when strange accidents seem to keep happening in Samheinrock, Jack questions the sudden arrival of their beautiful-- if not mysterious neighbor, Shiela Lancaster.

More characters to be featured soon.

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Never Bother


Don't You Cry No More

DYCNM Book cover design by @viking-ventures
More credits: Commissioned Cover 1, part 3 - Viking Visual Art Tutorial
NB Book cover design by @ilovewintergem

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