Test 2 "Why are your emotions always up and down?"

in Freewriters3 years ago

When you wake up in the morning and see your face is shiny and dirty, what kind of expression do you have?
A. expressionless face

B. angry big smelly face

C. frowning bitter melon face


Analysis of personality test results

A. No expression of the dull face emotional things, will make you easily mood fluctuations. This kind of person is very rational and independent in work. No matter what temper he has, he will try to suppress it. He thinks that he should not be too emotional, because it is not professional.

B. Angry big smelly face your mood change is generally not big, introverted you, emotions are hidden in the heart, don't want to let everyone worry. This type of person is very depressive and thinks that they are to be depended on by others, so there is a lot of bitterness that they keep to themselves. However, it is important to be aware that you are prone to violence.

C. With fragile and sensitive emotions, you are easy to be affected by external people and things, and then write your emotions on your face. This type of person belongs to the sensationalist, as long as the feeling comes, they will be very fragile and sensitive, and often worry about whether others don't like them. Are you not good enough?

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