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And even more glad things on Steem are picking up again, with yet another Zapfic contest 🌻🌻

Here is my entry Had fun with it, went with what felt right in the moment.

Thanks for your entry! :)

Hello, friend This is where I place my participation in this fabulous initiative. A hug for you and thank you for the opportunity.

#ZAPFIC - tell me a tale in 240 characters or less (a micro fiction contest with Prize pool including 6 SBI 100 Marlians, 100 CCC!) | Alarms that kill dreams.

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Congratulations to the winners of the previous, fabulous initiative #Zapfic: @oivas , @joeylim , @outerground .

My participation post

Thank you for your story! It is a bit too long to be considered a zapfic but I enjoyed it very much

I reallly enjoyed your poem. But it was a bit too long to be considered a zapfic. Thank you for entering, I hope you will try again!

Congrats, people of Zap! See you around soon. Don't be alarmed.

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Congratulations on 100 weeks buddy! 👍👍

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Thanks :)

Congrats on 100 weeks of your contest!

Thank you!

My take for the Jubilee “Alarm” week… Congratulations, and now let’s see 200 ;)

Thanks for your entry!

Hi Below is my entry to the zapfic: Week 100 - prompt: alarm

Congratulations on your 100 Weeks of ZAPFIC!

Thanks for the call to the contest. I will be doing my publication as soon as possible to have the honor of participating in this 100th round

Well done on 100th and congratulations to all those enjoying 240 character writes.

Thank you! :)