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In many countries, tea time is considered one of the most anticipated moments, in which two or more people talk about the news of the day, discuss business, and this also allows friendship to be strengthened.

Formally in my home in recent months we have had to follow the instructions of the authorities to stay at home, so in the afternoon we get together as a family to have a herbal tea with toast and fruit jam, which has us given moments of peace and union, forgetting for a few moments the difficulties and obstacles that are currently being experienced.

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Té de hierbas
En muchos países, la hora del té se considera uno de los momentos más esperados, en el que dos o más personas hablan de las novedades del día, discuten de negocios, y esto también permite fortalecer la amistad.
Formalmente en mi casa en los últimos meses hemos tenido que seguir las instrucciones de las autoridades para quedarnos en casa, así que por la tarde nos juntamos en familia para tomar un té de hierbas con tostadas y mermelada de frutas, lo que nos ha dado momentos de paz. y unión, olvidando por unos instantes las dificultades y obstáculos que se viven actualmente.

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Con el apoyo de la familia.

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Excelente hábito!!

Those of us who have people at home with us have seen some benefits, but I can't imagine what this year must have been like for an older person who lives alone.

Tea time, High tea started by restrictions. A good idea.