Baseball player's cap! / ¡Gorra de beibolista! (eng/esp) A 5 minute freewrite

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Do you like my hat?

So many girls from the mid-thirties in the last century asked their boyfriend. At that time it was common for women to wear this garment to adorn their heads. Now in the present time the baseball player's cap has come to have a predominant place in the locker room of fans of that sport.

Here in my country almost all women or men use a cap to cover themselves from the inclement sun, in many cases they wear the badge of their favorite team.

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¿Te gusta mi sombrero?
Tantas chicas de mediados de los treinta del siglo pasado le preguntaron a su novio. En esa época era común que las mujeres usaran esta prenda para adornar sus cabezas. Ahora en la actualidad la gorra de beisbolista ha pasado a tener un lugar preponderante en el vestuario de los aficionados a ese deporte.
Aquí en mi país casi todas las mujeres u hombres usan gorra para cubrirse del inclemente sol, en muchos casos llevan el escudo de su equipo favorito.

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This is my entry for the Friday´s 5 minute freewrite challenge of @mariannewest. If you want to participate here you have the rules at the following link.

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