Weekend Freewrite -3/14/2020 - Single Prompt Option: Feeling the Love

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Mrs. Maggie Thornton was the kind of person who did what she felt was right to do because she enjoyed it (most of the time) and thus the work was its own reward.

It therefore was a surprise to her when she literally walked away from a car accident – the flying glass had only caused five minor cuts, none of which required stitching – and all these people started reaching out to her

Commissioner Scott called first, while Cousin Margie was on the phone with Hoppy Lee. The police officer at the scene had recognized Mrs. Thornton's name and called the commissioner, who then called, listened to what had happened, and then ordered his secretary to take Friday and Monday off.

“At least two days, because you don't know what you are going to be feeling like yet,” he said. “I'm going to ask Della [his wife] to make up some of her special things for you.”

“I wasn't in the car – just got hit by a little glass.”

“Young lady, Death near missed you. That has an impact all its own. You have worked and overworked for my office; you deserve the rest. Officer Brandt can manage for two days – call it a dry run. You rest. I'll check on you tomorrow.”

“Yes, sir.”

Then there was Cousin Margie, who just hovered like a mother bird until Hoppy Lee arrived and hovered like a father bird until he went to get his cousin Harry Lee … Captain Henry Fitzhugh Lee of the Big Loft, VA police, working an hour overtime.

Captain Lee had arrived with his cousin … he had popped out of his cousin's car, let her cousin Margie in the front, her into the back, and ran around to his side of the car to get in and wrap his arms around her in a sudden access of emotion that most people would have thought the marble model police captain was not capable of … he knew that she had lost her (first) husband in a car accident, and knew how PTSD worked because he was a victim himself as an Army vet … he knew how to comfort that part of her that was flashing back. Then, he had carried her up to her apartment, gone out again, and brought her both his vehicles, the keys, and $500 for gas money so she could do her ministry the next day.

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, Maggie Thornton and Margie Bell brought food to the Church in the Midst of Life to support the battered women's ministry, and Friday was no exception except that Mrs. Thornton could stay all day now. But this time out, Cousin Margie and the two Lees would not let her touch or move anything; Captain Lee delivered like she was a piece of fine glass to the church and again put his keys in her hand and took Uber to work.

All the women that Mrs. Thornton had served had somehow heard – they just kept coming and giving her hugs and asking what they could do to help. When they had finally settled down, on came the Baxters and the Gordons with a big care basket for her.

“How are you, really, Sis. Maggie?” Mrs. Onyx Baxter said.

“Feeling the love,” Mrs. Thornton said as she dabbed at her tears. “I had no idea. Thank you so much.”

Artwork by the author, Deeann D. Mathews


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