We Chose Not To Clean Up The Pollution Of Humanity But A Mutant Cannabis Plant Did! - Blockchain Coffee "Corn Cake"

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Today's freewrite is a creative work of fiction, the origin story of @Groot 😅 not really sure how I managed to go down this line of thought for the the prompt corn cake but I did... just a straight up writing for this one...

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Today's #FreeWrite Prompt = "Corn Cake"

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Blockchain Coffee "Corn Cake"

Led there by genetics we discovered the reason for our existence doomed to never be allowed to speak of it again…

Taking us on a journey to the deep south, our pod invisible to the world outside, allows us to view history in its making. Back in time to show how damaging slavery was for the people of the time on either side of the situation. Though we see and study all the various aspects of this time there is one thing that really catches each of our attention. The plant which caused the world to change and our species to evolve from what we once were to what we are now.

Being our first time back all of us were fascinated with the various colours of skin present in the people of the day. Our time now, race has completely disappeared, and everyone is a semi light skin tone of green. We knew we were coming back to look at a black lady’s creation but we honestly had no idea how black people were. Nothing remains in our time of this time and we are not able to bring back anything other than our memories. These voyages are personal voyages we are not allowed to even speak about after the fact, but we are all allowed to learn as much as we wish and discuss it while viewing it.

We found the lady and her creation, it was exactly as it sounded a cake made from corn. Corn which look different to one of the other passengers, so we investigated. It looks as if during this time of what seems to be apocalyptic life, no dates are to be found anywhere, a new plant has been engineered. A mutant strain of corn crossed with some form of flowering plant which resembles a vine like version of marijuana. It is hard to make an accurate judgement without being able to take samples or get any closer than a few feet away. We have all studied the 1800 -2020 while society was flourishing and agreed on our visual assessments. We could not how ever find the moment of creation seeming to appear from one year to the next from plants miles apart.

One passenger noticed the cannabis vine has taken on traits of various plant species as those species have disappeared. With a quick spin up and down the timeline we found the moment and it all made sense watching the cannabis plant essentially take over other plants through pollination. It seemed as if the cannabis plant had a mind of its own strategically growing itself up wind from its next target before blooming. The pollen would infect the plants that it lands on and from there a new form of cannabis strain would grow. Now we knew how the plant came to be, nothing special other than humanities pollution of the world mutating plants and natural selection. Mother nature fighting back you could say but how and why it influenced humanity we had yet to learn.

So interesting watching time rip past as oceans dry and mountains decay, heading to the time of the last known sapiens sapiens. It’s hard to get an exact fix on the date without anything in the world around us to show as we are in a continuous influx of time motion though we have been trained to seek out the time no judgement can be made of how much has passed. The first thing we noticed is that cannabis plant has pretty well consumed the earth like humanity had done before it. Instead of consuming things and polluting the planet the cannabis mutant consumes the waist leaving behind nothing. Areas where the cannabis plant have left are slowly returning to a natural balance without humans or toxic waste like little pockets of pure Mother Nature able to start over from scratch.

Humanity is cornered and it seems as if the cannabis mutant has evolved to consume anything that is toxic through pollination. The only things toxic left are the massive cannabis vine stretching around the earth and humans yet they remain unaffected. Forever fearful having watched the plant consume everything else including animal life becoming a culmination of humanities waist. You see, because humans have been using cannabis since the very beginning through consumption we have built up an immunity to its pollination attempts. That corn cake very early on was the only way they could make use of the early versions of this plant then trying to kill them. They had to mask it’s extremely bitter taste in something sweet or savoury and seeing how the plant came with a strange desire to eat sweets it was generally made into the cake. Slowly as all their food supplies dried up due to the consumption of this cannabis mutant they were forced to start consuming the cannabis mutant itself. Through trial and error they figured out how to detox it and eat it safely.

Somewhere along the way humanity lost touch with Mother Nature’s sacred herb. Once returning to eating cannabis, being full of protein in its current state, within three generations what humanity once was no longer existed! By eating the plant we succumb to its attacks through our offspring. Changing their genetics generation by generation slowly to the point to which the plant and humanity merge becoming one.

At this point all of us in the pod looked at each other jaw dropped realizing existences was a culmination of cleaning up humanity’s prior destruction by being forced to eat it. A gross yet fitting solution to the problem we created being forced between extinction or inevitably changing into what we feared…

We Chose Not To Clean Up The Pollution Of Humanity But A Mutant Cannabis Plant Did!

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