Both Child And Guardian Must Accept And Grow From - Blockchain Coffee “Bitter Pill”

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Blockchain Coffee "Bitter Pill"


In life we have choices, inevitably we make good ones and bad ones. Part of those choices is accepting the results of including all those bad choices. Accepting the truth of our failures and shortcomings allowing ourselves to learn and grow from them. If acceptance of truth is essential to our growth or well-being why is it always such a bitter pill to swallow?


Let’s think of Morpheus asking Neo, Blue or Red Pill?

In this situation no matter which choice Neo makes there is a bitter pill to swallow. To know the truth and open his mind to what he does not know holds a bitter truth in that once he knows he cannot return to ignorance. Deciding to take the pill of ignorance holds a bitter truth in that Neo will never be able to know what he does not know choosing to live with that question which has forever haunted him. Either direction could be considered growth at which the character makes a decision to embrace a future whether or not the choice seems correct.


The first of these bitter pills we have to swallow as new humans fending for ourselves in the cruel world is for our guardians. Our guardians which to their best to prepare us but ultimately in doing so set themselves up for a fall from grace. That moment you look upon your guardian in disgust and they realize that they have fallen is a gut wrenching experience and dare I say a bitter pill for both. Each parent wants to be perceived as that invincible caregiver while each child wishes to have that superhero looking over them. It is completely natural as is the fall from this perceived grace as it often comes with a life lesson which...

Both Child And Guardian Must Accept And Grow From

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