Home Office - Release The Child Rape Report!

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Conservative MP Sajid Javid ordered a review back in July 2018 into the decade's old child grooming epidemic. Home Office - Release The Child Rape Report!

Denied For Decades

The abhorrent rape, molestation, pimping, beating and abuse of vulnerable British children by predominantly Muslim gangs has been covered up by the political and media establishment for DECADES!

In 2018 Conservative MP Sajid Javid ordered a review into the phenomenon of Muslim gangs, mainly of Pakistani heritage, sexually exploiting children, gang-raping them and prostituting them to other members of their community. Sajid to his credit, wanted to get to the bottom of the reasons behind this depraved and disgusting phenomenon.

Decades of child abuse was allowed to happen due to political correctness and systemic negligence arising from past Governments, the Police and social services. Ignoring and covering up the industrialised gang rape of vulnerable minors by Muslim gangs was more important than protecting the children they abused it seems.

Religion And Child Rape
Religion And Child Rape

Our Children, Our Country, Our Future

Sajid Javid promised a Home Office review into the DECADES OLD child rape scandal; however unelected bureaucrats within the Home Office have "reigned in" on that promise. The goalposts were moved, these unelected deep state shadow government operatives decided that the report should remain "internal" and that it wasn't in "the public interest" to have it published and made available to the general public.


Because the report would concentrate on the "characteristics" of the offenders, that's why! The report would shine a light on the culture, nationalities and the religions of those perpetrating this specific form of type 1 child grooming offence, it would legitimise and confirm what Tommy Robinson and others have been saying for decades. Priti Patel is now the Home Office Minister; she is less than happy with the staff in her department, she called on her officials to "explain the status of the grooming gang review" after being met with obfuscation and dithering.

The correlation of religion to the industrialised sexual molestation and abuse of vulnerable British girls is something the British deep state has tried to keep hidden for more than forty years now. It is time to end their cover-ups; it is time to talk honestly and openly about the reasons behind this specific form of abuse. The many thousands (if not millions) of destroyed lives deserve the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

We should not care about the perpetually offended nor the liberal hand wringing weak, meek, politically correct mob of degenerates who are more concerned with cover-ups than clarity. These degenerates hide the truth out of fear of disrupting "community cohesion".

Where were they fourty years ago?

Irreprable damage has already been caused to our communities by these facilitators and purveyors of perversion. The "strategy" of bureaucratic politically correct invertebrates have caused more generational pain and suffering than they would ever "care" to realise.

Hearts Of Oak - Tommy Robinson
Hearts Of Oak - Tommy Robinson

The Quest For Truth

Our good friend Johnathan Wong created a Parliamentary e-petition calling on the Home Office to release the "grooming gang" review IN FULL because it most definitely is "in the public interest" to do so. The e-petition has so far gained over 115,000 signatures. This means Parliament will now "consider" a debate on the matter.

Debate is not enough!


Visit the Hearts Of Oak website by clicking HERE.

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