Corona: Time to Appreciate Life

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The heat of the news, emergency world situation due to being affected by the corona virus. All information is sufficient and all policies have been published, is there anyone who takes a "haughty" attitude, no problem?

The government and the ulama council have synergized. Taming public policy for the benefit of the people. A touching and proud moment. Unification of the two forces of the people, one thing that is quite expensive to happen in this country.

Stay away from the crowd, keep your distance, stay at home. Mosque, church and all houses of worship in "lockdown". The government and religious leaders have one voice. Corona virus is a serious threat whose spread is very massive and extraordinary. So obeying both is an absolute obligation, sinful for those who ignore it.

Tuesday, March 27, 2020 the number of corona cases in Indonesia has exceeded 1046 cases and is likely to continue to grow in accordance with the increasing number of Insider Oversight (ODP) and suspect detected in all regions of Indonesia.


Are these data not enough to make you feel nervous, so that every human who appreciates his life will force him to activate the alarm alert?

Because in my opinion, this is not a matter of fear of death, but it concerns the extent to which we value life.
Religious teachings lead to preserve life, none of the propositions that ask to approach destruction or death.

If there is news on television and newspapers that still tell about the stalls or cafes that are in the red zone (red zone) still provide entertainment services directly and facilitate mass individual interaction in a long time.

In what way are they made aware?
Why are they so difficult to control?


Do they feel safe? Or do they feel ready to be visited by the invisible virus?

Don't they understand, if the covid-19 has possessed one body, they will not be quiet and suffice for just one person, but make a very fast transmission chain. Grab anyone who has interacted with him?

Are not enough lessons given from watching videos or reading the status of regrets from people who have been infected before. It all starts with ignorance, an attitude of not listening and empathizing.


It is difficult to conclude, which is clearly sad and concerned with this phenomenon. Which other side should be educated? Are they worthy of being appreciated by life?
Life will end with death. No one can argue with that, but for every human being who has been entrusted with life is it not fitting that he rewards his life by preparing for the best death?
I hope we realize to make sense of life well.

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