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It's really not my Steem anniversary today but it's actually my Steem posting anniversary today. 3 years back, on 26th June 2017, I published my first post on this blockchain.

Of course, during those days it was known as Steemit. The branding of steem was indistinguishable from Steemit and this word were officially used interchangeably.

Today I revisited my welcome email that I received 3 years back from Steemit. It doesn't say "welcome to Steem" but it says "Welcome to your Steemit account".

So the branding changed over time from Steemit to Steem.

Well today I would like to tell you how I ended up on this blockchain.

Trauma of Demonetisation

It was 2016. Then, I was taking a 1000 Mile long walk on foot, all alone. In one city, a businessman from Mumbai happened to meet me and expressed his desire to join me on my walk for a day. So after some days, when he had finished his business work, he gave me a call to find my whereabouts. I invited him in a village where I was stationed that day. He came and spend whole day with me. He wanted to return next day.

The next day, I was also scheduled to move to the next village. So we were taking our last morning tea together at a tea stall. While sipping our tea, we learnt about the news through newspaper and other customers that Indian rupee of 500 and 1000 rupee denomination had been demonetised from immediate effect. Villages started to gather up and were visibly very disturbed by this news. This became the hot topic of discussion for everyone.

But we didn't had much time. So I told my friend that I would like to go ahead towards my next destination and he can also go and take his train for Mumbai from the nearest railway station. But he was in a very shocked state. He told me that he has all 1000 rupee bills in his pocket. I wanted to help but I also didn't had smaller denomination notes with me.

He was very tensed. Then he asked me why I was not so worried and how I'm going to manage? I told him that I was walking on foot and mostly villagers will take care of my food and lodging also. I suggested him that if he wishes he can accompany me too. It won't cost any money except time. With no other alternative, he had to travel with me for next 3 days from village to village. Finally he collected some donation in a village and then left for his destination.

Throughout my travels, I heard and also witnessed very heart touching stories, for how people were stranded or managing without any money in hand.

All this compelled me to think about the monetary system we have created, but I couldn't think of any solution to this artificial problem.

Blockchain & Money

After I returned to my hometown, one fine day an old friend of mine gave me a call and reminded me about Bitcoin. I had first heard of Bitcoin in 2012 but soon I had forgotten about it. My friend insisted me to invest in Bitcoin. I told him that I don't have any money for it. But he suggested that I should at least buy something to see how blockchain technology works.

Thus I decided to look for blockchain technology on the internet. I was also looking for some money to actually buy Bitcoin (It was about $1800-$2000 per BTC in those days). So my search led me to Steem blockchain, somewhere in early June 2017.

I checked the Steemit platform for some days and was very impressed by the amount of money people were making by just blogging away. Still I didn't sign up.

I noticed all the people of foreign origin, with a different cultural mindset than mine, on the platform. I wasn't feeling very comfortable.

I also wondered if people are making so much of money, why there are no Indians here. India is a large country with huge population in need of money! Why there is no media coverage for such a platform!

So I googled for Indians on Steemit. I soon found a newspaper article from South India. It talked about some Steemit meet-up and mentioned firepower's handle also. Then I searched the firepower on Steemit and found his blog.

It's only after that I decided to sign up for Steemit. My account was approved in less than 24 hours and I created my account on 14th June 2017.

The first thing I did after signing up was to look up for firepower's blog and my first transaction on the blockchain was an upvote to firepower's post.

I have never shared this story with anyone till this day, not even with firepower. But it's all on the blockchain to verify ..lol!

For about two weeks I didn't author any post because it took me a lot of time to read the White Paper and understand the functioning of the system here. So I authored my first post on 26th June 2017. Thus, today is my third posting anniversary.

Today 3 years after my joining, I'd like to extend my thanks & gratitude to firepower for his help (though indirectly), for making me join this platform. My gratitude, though long overdue, I thought I should express it on my third anniversary at least ☺️

Well guys, it's been a long story. If you are still reading, I want to express my heartiesr thanks to you too! Without you, it wouldn't be possible for me to stay here for this long!

Thanks a ton to all of you lovely souls!

Ashutosh Nirvadyaachari


Congrats for 3rd anniversary. Many more years to come.

Thanks a lot for your greetings & wishes!

You celebrate 2 anniversary, one when you joined and second when you started posting. Why not one more when you got 1st payout?

Yes, that's an important date too :)

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