Sunday is the most beautiful day of a week.

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Hi everyone,


For most of the people money is the source of happiness. They cannot think beyond money. They think that the ultimate goal of the life is to earn as much money as possible. So, they work like maniacs to earn money. They work morning till night. They forgot about their meals, social life and worse thing came from the technology which gave them smartphone to spend their time. They are always in a hurry as if they have only a day's life remaining.

Money is an important thing for all of us but it's just a means, its not our goal. We can live with small savings if we do not become too ambitious. We don't need much money to have fun. We can enjoy our life even if we don't have much money. Some people work even on the Sundays and holidays. I don't like to work on Sunday. I like to enjoy this day with my friends or reading books when I am alone. I don't use smartphone much and enjoy the company of good books. This keeps me happy even in my unsound financial state.

So, enjoy your life. Spend time with your family and friends and read good books. This is the secret of a happy life.
With love from @erica005.

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