Hair cut✂️ by wife💑: feeling relaxed!

in LAKSHMI2 months ago

In our city, almost 2 months of lockdown are completed. Everything in the city is closed except for food and medicine shops.

I have a habit of getting my hair cut in 20 days, so this is a very difficult time for hair because it is almost 3 times longer than regular haircutting. It was very irritating indeed.
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When my wife noticed that I am not feeling comfortable with my hair she offered me to cut my hair.
I hesitated a little, but then I thought what difference does it make if my wife cut my hair? I just want to get rid of big hair, no fashion is to be done.
When my wife finishes cutting my hair, it was really surprising that there is nothing weird and I am looking smart!! 😉 😎

So what about you? How are you dealing with your annoying big hair?