This Vivo Gaming Smartphone Can Capture Full Battery in Only 15 Minutes

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Chinese smartphone manufacturer Vivo uses one of its smartphone lines, iQoo, to move in the gaming industry. Well, one of the newest products that iQoo might soon introduce, is said to be carrying revolutionary features.


Launch Engadget, a new video from iQoo on Weibo shows the presence of a new device using 120W wired fast charging technology. This technology itself has been introduced by Vivo since last June.

In this latest video, Vivo claims that a 4,000mAh battery can be fully charged in just 15 minutes, and in 5 minutes can charge 50 percent.

Fast charging standards embedded in many smartphones, including flagship, which are currently sold, are still far from that. This is where charging using fast charging for large batteries still takes about one hour.

Called that the latest fast charging technology will be introduced on a smartphone with the brand iQoo in August. So, we will not be long to get this superfast cas technology.

Vivo itself is not the only smartphone manufacturer that is developing developing super fast fast charging. Recently Oppo also introduced 65W wireless fast charging and 125W wired fast charging.

This figure is slightly better than Vivo. But keep in mind, Oppo and Vivo are both subsidiaries of BBK Electronics so basically both of them will adopt similar technology.

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