Four short and clear chess advices for new players.


  1. Play more games with short clock instead of less games with long clock. When You are a newbie, You will not use the time anyway. If You take an exam without knowledge, it does not matter if You have 60 minutes or 240 minutes. You will fail. You are new, You don't have intuition and You wll learn more by playing more games with short time. Playing long games will only give you an illusion of fast development. Magnus Carlsen with 1 minute will easily defeat You with 100 hours of time.

  2. You don't need to learn all popular openings. You only need to learn a few openings You are going to play. The less, the better. For example, opening by moving a pawn at A or H columns is stupid. Don't try to be smarter than millions of chess players so far.

  3. Experienced chess players sometimes sacrifice a pawn or a figure for better position. Unfortunately, new chess players usually sacrifice a pawn or a figure for worse position. Focus on efficiency, not on pageantry.

  4. Play games with time added after each move. It will reward You for thinking, whereas games without added time (especially 1+0 or 2+0) reward fast reactions and cheese.

Every Friday and Saturday there are chess tournaments on HIVE by @stayoutoftherz and @schamangerbert

Try them.

Thanks for reading.

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