Mrs Kangaroo painting and the result of NameIt game #3 [ENG-FR]

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Today I present to you Mrs Kangaroo as well as the steps of her creationAujourd'hui je vous présente Mrs Kangourou ainsi que les étapes de sa réalisation
It is not the first time that I have drawn a kangaroo, in fact last month I had made it one with colored pencils,Ce n'est pas la première fois que je dessine un kangourou car le mois dernier j'en avais réalisé un aux crayons de couleurs,
and for the previous #NameIt game, it was also a question of finding a name for this Kangaroo:et pour le précédent jeu du prénom, il s'agissait également de trouver un nom à ce Kangourou :


Talking about it, I will give you the result at the end of the postJe vous donnerai dailleurs le résultat en fin de poste
but for now, make way for the ladies, here is the creation of Mrs Kangourou 😊mais pour l'instant, place aux dames, voici la réalisation de Mrs Kangourou 😊


once my lady Kangaroo is finished, I scanned herune fois ma dame Kangourou réalisée, je l'ai scannée
then I embellished her to my liking in my Artage painting softwarepuis je l'ai enjolivée à ma convenance dans mon logiciel de peinture Artage


I also created a background for her, matching her pretty pink cheekbones lui ai également crée un fond, assorti à ses jolis pommettes rosées...
and here is the final result 😉et voilà le résultat final 😉


Here it is next to Mr. Kangaroo ... What a lovely couple! 😊La voici à côté de Monsieur Kangourou... Quel joli couple ! 😊
but by the way, what are we going to call this purple lovelie ..?mais au fait, quel nom va-t-on lui donner à ce mignon..?


His name will be HOPYSon nom sera HOPY
on the proposal I selected from @rozku 😊 She will therefore receive a reward of 5 STEEMsur la proposition que j'ai retenue de @rozku 😊 Elle recevra donc une récompense de 5 STEEM
A big thanks to all participants :Un grand merci à tous les participants :

@melinda010100 @opidia @opidia @qwerrie






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Hey cool art @barbara-orenya I thought I'd ask, sorry to bother. I was wondering if you know account @steemmonster ? Looks like you have affiliate link with them for Splinterlands, I sent on accident 3 Orb packs on Steem-Engine, Also Zaku sent 20 untamed packs too. Wondering if you know them and If I can get them sent back to @shoemanchu Let me know, Thanks have a great one....

 13 days ago (edited)

I'm not sure to understand what you would like...what do you mean with affiliate link with Splinterland ?
Well, I have an account on Splinterland I think, but I have to shamefully confess it was some months ago and I had hard time to understand how that all does work, so I have not use it for a long time and do not even know how to go back there (which I do not intend anyway because unfortunately I have no time (or desire) to devote to trying to understand how it all works...😉 )
to sum up, I am the least person that could help you on this, I'm sorry...

Yeah, looks like it was 5 months ago but I was just wondering if you knew who @steemmonster account is?

When you purchase or they purchase the affiliate link that they signed up on someone gets steem kickback for signing them up or you.


I can not tell you who is @steemmonsters, sorry . These payments probably refer to a card, and a pack of cards I have bought, this is the only thing I vaguely remember...
You probably better ask your question to someone on Discord 😉

Ok, thanks for your time.... Have a good one

good name, I like it. !DERANGED

r0bb7a.png @qwerrie ! ^_^
and thanks much for your participation too ! 😊

I think you deserve some $trdo

you think so cleverly my friend ! Et merci de t'être !DERANGED 😄

Bang, I did it again... I just resteemed your post!
Week 22 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!
Pixresteemer is also listed as promoter on The Steemians Directory

Hip Hopy Hooray!! 💜❤💙

thank you soooo muuuch! 😚

congratulations @rozku ! 😊

thank you again!

(Charming Lady Kangaroo!! 💖)

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Such a lovely couple! And yes, what a great name! Hopy, I love it!!! 👏

Congratulations on Hopy being chosen! @rozku
Hopy The Kangaroo is super cute & colorful!🦘

A simple oversight -- I also participated with suggested names in this round of #Nameit @barbara-orenya💙💗💜

Thank You Hun! 😊

Oooh yes of course you did ! My bad, I don't know what happened to your name in the mentions, probably wrongly cut it when I centered the names...seems I was a bit !DERANGED indeed 😄
sorry my dear, I'm gonna correct that of course ! 😉
I appreciate your always valuable contributions to this game 1ynpw5.png @ninahaskin 😊

Not a problem, lovely Barbara! 💙💜💙
Thank you very much for the DERANGED gift tokens!

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Regards Barbara. ;)

That pink of Mrs Kangaroo makes her look more tender, I love her big friendly eyes. <3 <3 <3

You know that your gift has not yet arrived... I called but they don't give me any reason, I was thinking of going to the office to see what lies they tell me. :(

This step will come to me but in December.

Really ?!? Oooh...this is bad, maybe it will never reach you 😩
I hope it will re appear, even if it takes months...If not, well that was only a postcard, nobody is dead so nothing serious 😥

Yes I know, but I wanted it. :(

But yes, hopefully it will appear one day... it is better to arrive some day than ever. ;)

I'm going to the office maybe they have it.