100% SBD/STEEM Give-Away 0164 (last week). Winner announcement.

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Dice rolls were: 4,2,3 for 100% SBD Give-Away 0164 (last week)

Winners are selected from those who followed the instructions:

@secret-art guessed 4,2,3 getting 3 of the 3 numbers correct! Only 2 were needed to win.

Accummulated prize consists of 0.629 SBD and 1.647 STEEM. Unfortunately I goofed and converted my SBD to Steem, so I sent 4.710 Steem. I hope that's OK, @secret-art?

I believe this contest can make a difference if we continue to believe and participate fully in it as a group.



I sincerely thank you for your input!

The #happystream has a POST PROMOTION category! Make use of it... it's free!


That's great. You saved me the trouble of converting it because I would have done exactly that anyway. Thanks!

 2 months ago 

Thank-you. Good to hear.

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