Cats hugging in a bowl

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We just ordered another one of these bowls. Important question: if having another bowl causes them to not do this (they do this much of the day every single day) is it cruel not to let them have that bowl?

Crazy Cat Lady and Head of Communications for Steemit

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CAT tokens for Cat Photos in the Cat Photos Community... YEAP!

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Cats rule! So I think you should let them have the bowl of their choice. :)

Added this to my collection of the funny cute cats of Steemit.


Ahhhhh, I get it now! :)

One cat is Steemit and one cat is Tron. :D

The bowl is @steemmonsters / @splinterlands and there will be more collaborations / projects since Tron bought Steemit.

Maybe. ;)

Subliminal alert LOL😹

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Hahaha you have made the conclusion already......we all hoping for the best.

Andrew, could you drop by Whatsup post and weigh in on the silly rumors about JustinSun buying Steemit. Thx

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This is very adorable!

Also, I think you need more CAT.

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