Caturday, The Cat and The Box

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Hello, steemies and cat lovers!

For this week's Caturday, I bring you the cat in the box.

I recently got a shipment that came in a nice big box. Knowing how cats like to explore empty boxes, I put it on the floor for them. It wasn't too long before a couple of them showed up to check out the box. The orange cat in the box is Custer. The gray fluffball is Pouf. Pouf wanted to get in the box, but Custer got there first, and was guarding it.


Pouf gave up and wandered off to sulk.


Then Custer noticed that I was taking pictures.


Later, after Custer got out of the box, I moved it over to the back of the couch. Then Sassy found it.


I don't know if Pouf ever managed to get her turn in the box, but she probably did when I wasn't watching, because I never actually saw her in the box.

That's it for my Caturday post, I hope you enjoyed it!

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Those cats sure loves their boxes! We have a cat tree but they wont use it if theres a box in the room lol

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