Thai and Sushi — some of my favorite dishes!

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Thai and Sushi — some of my favorite dishes!

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My experience as a Thai Chef and the lessons of my mothers teaching in the kitchen is what brings me joy. Not using exact measurements when cooking, but just “knowing” how do it and tasting as you go. Thai Food has many more ingredients in a typical dish or dinner compared to other cuisines. They all play a roll in taste and also we must say that “presentation” of the food is all part of the joy.

It is my pleasure to share with you some of my favorite Thai and Sushi dishes that I enjoy cooking and Sushi dishes that I enjoy eating.

Each culture has their own special dishes and for many, Thai cooking is elusive, They know they love the taste of Pad Thai and not knowing what goes into it or how it is made.

Shrimp Terryaki — for shrimp lovers this is paradise. The shrimp, the right blend of sauce with just a slight bit of sweetness as to not overwhelm the dish.

Appetizer - Crispy Won Ton and Tuna — as you wait for your main entree who can resist a treat from the Sushi Chef.

Super Volcano Roll - California Roll topped with Sea Food - now you have to love the blend of the infamous and simple California Roll when mixed with seafood and the right sauce. I am getting hungry just sharing.

Beef - Steak Terriyaki — for the beef eaters you have almost a Japanese favorite.

Tuna / Salmon Roll / Yellow Tail — true sushi lovers will say this is all you need. Raw fish made with the freshest of seafood and perfect sushi rice. Yum!

Dragon Roll - AvocadoRoll and Shrimp Tempura — again a classic sushi dish combining two favorites. Who would disagree with such a dish?

Avacado Roll — I know what you are saying, this is too simple a dish.I would say there is always a place for any sushi dish with Avacado in it :-)

Thank you for allowing me to share some of my favorite Thai and Sushi dishes. I hope you may get some ideas for the next time you cook or order out.

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Thank you very much :-)

Oh goodness if this isn’t food porn then I don’t know what is, once lock down is over id love to smash those dishes in my face

555 ....all you can find at thai restaurant here in Florida :-)

All dishes look delicious 😋

Thank you jaaa.. I looked at the pictures make me hungry too 555... Now the restaurant close for 30 day

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