Nutbox APY reaches 95%, and the price of PNUT has grown 30 times since Nutbox launched 4 months ago.

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Oct. 20th, 2020, Nutbox was online. Time passes by. There are only four days left to reach 4 months after Nutbox launched.

During these four months, a series of functional products has been developed:
1, to mine PNUT token through SP delegation,
2, to create TSP (a kind of tradable STEEM Power token), which, as well as TSP-TRX-LP tokens, can join PNUT mining.
3, to bridge Tron and Steem, and make assets can join DeFi project through projection tokens (TSTEEM, TSBD).
4, to create a series of trade pairs at JustSwap Dex.
5, to establish Nutbox proposal system.
6, to make Nutbox blog online.
7, to make Ooops Dapp beta version online.


What makes us satisfied is, for a long time the APY of PNUT mining is always maintaining between 40%-100%, recently it is closing to 95%. Meanwhile, the price of PNUT also reaches a new high level. 1PNUT almost equals $0.0096 now. Comparing to the end of October last year, the price grows 30 times!


In the future, let us move forward, and broadcast our belief and consensus to other PoS based blockchains. According to our survey, the value of stakable assets at those blockchains reaches 378 billion dollars, which is 2000 times more than the staking assets at Steem. Let us start and embrace a brand new staking asstes era.

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这四个月来,我们上线了一系列产品:1)代理SP挖PNUT;2)STEEM与TSP相互兑换,及存TSP挖PNUT、存TSP-TRX LP挖PNUT;3)STEEM-TSTEEM、SBD-TSBD的相互兑换;4)一系列交易对上线JustSwap;5)Nutbox提案投票系统;6)Nutbox博客 -;7)Ooops DApp测试版上线。


让我们欣慰的是,代理SP挖PNUT的年化收益率长期保持在40%-100%,近期更是逐步上升到95%。PNUT在JustSwap上的价格也创下新高,达到 1PNUT=$0.0096,相比于10月份PNUT的价格,已是之前的30倍。




Amazing, but Nutbox should be grown more!

I actually think steady growth like this is better. If PNUT grows wildly it will also likely crash heavily somewhere along, which is not got for the intrinsic value growth of a small alt-coin. :)




吃饱了吗?跟我猜拳吧! 石头,剪刀,布~


hello, i sent 1000 punts. but voting is not happened
please check that~

tr id : fcd3c7c371a1a6e24a80a46296d0250778d13d8797f816a3eb997ed3fc103555

Hello, @nutbox
Can I translate your article into Russian? I speak Russian perfectly

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