in The Hood3 years ago (edited)

In the perfect dystopian utopia of "The Hood", many changes have startled the residents. A NEW HOA PRESIDENT! Yes you read right, there is a new President of the neighborhood but we're all keeping our titles ....................for now.

(I'm on the right, I grabbed popcorn, this art was made by a dude named @inertia)

Please read previous installments to understand the magnitude this has on our community morale.
Please remain calm
Please remain

....Oh and don't forget that Nancy and Tom's Meet Up is next Thursday night at "The Salt Lick Tavern". Cash Bar only! (@reverendrum is gonna bring some of that Russian Vodka you like.)

If the "NEW" HOA President doesn't maintain the lawns and lights and rules to our satisfaction there always is that weird Barn at the end of Solfeggio road. There may or may NOT be a meeting at that weird barn that constantly blasts Binaural Beats.

If there is to be a meeting you will find a gluten free muffin lovingly wrapped by volunteers in your mailbox as the invite.

@fyrstikken (owns all the actual land of The Hood)


 3 years ago 


oh yes

Правительство Китая скоро проанализирует ваши данные.

 3 years ago 


 3 years ago 

Да, но у многих русских друзей нет проблем между Водкой и Саке, но Голубая Лента Пабста может быть настоящей певицей

В Советской России водку потребляют!

 3 years ago 

Хватит, пора танцевать.

Простите, я не понимаю.

 3 years ago 

The Muffins that were wrapped by the volunteers were baked with love by "Rachel's Gluten Free, Non GMO, Fair Trade, Cruelty Free, Vegan, Marie Kondo approved Minimalism Cafe"

Our beloved neighborhood baker is also going to open a PALEO ONLY diner very soon. I blame Joe Rogan

But are they "medical" ...


 3 years ago 

there is no smoking or vaping in the pristine airs of the hood, the sky lines you see are not chemtrails but merely art to accentuate the beauty of a sunless sky for the benefit of all

 3 years ago 

Товарищ, I will have vodka fer all me mateys.

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