Betterlife the Consciousness and the laws of Pakistan 6 / 05/ 2021


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Like every day, I got up early in the morning and went to pray in the mosque. I prayed in congregation in the mosque and after praying I recited the Holy Quran.




Friends, today the weather is very beautiful and lovely. There are clouds everywhere in the sky. Clouds were visible. It seemed that it would start raining soon. After a while, it started raining. It was raining everywhere.


Today I want to tell my friends about the rights of Pakistan, which laws of Pakistan apply where and when they apply, every Pakistani can make himself the best person in the world Pakistan I also know the best about the rights of society.

I want this information to reach every Pakistani so that they can recognize their rights.

This information is important for every Pakistani citizen to know

People can recognize their rights and improve themselves in their daily lives.

Section 295-A * Insulting any religion

Section 295-B * Misinterpretation of Holy Quran


Section 295-C * Blasphemy

Section 298-A * Insulting the Companions

Section 307 = attempted murder

Section 302 = Punishment for murder


Section 376 = Rape

Section 395 = robbery

Section 377 = unnatural movements

Section 396 = Murder during a robbery

Section 120 = Conspiracy

Section 365 = Kidnapping

Section 201 = Elimination of Evidence

Section 34 = Intent of goods

Section 412 = Celebrating

Section 378 = Theft

Section 141 = Illegal deposit

Section 191 = Incorrect targeting

Section 300 = Murder

Section 309 = Suicide attempt

Section 310 = Fraud

Section 312 = abortion

Section 351 = to attack

Section 354 = Shame on women


Section 362 = Kidnapping

Section 320 = No one can ever die with a license or fake license (unknown location)

Section 322 = Death must occur with driving license (limitable)

Section 415 = trick

Section 445 = Domestic discrimination

Section 494 = Remarriage in our lives

Section 499 = Defamation

Section 511 = Life imprisonment on conviction.


In our country, there are certain facts of law, of which we are not aware, we are victims of our rights.
Is like you
Five interesting facts give you information,
Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.

(1) It is not wrong to beat in the evening.



Under the Criminal Code, under Section 46, after 6 pm and before 6 am, the police did not make a mistake against any woman, no matter how serious the crime. If there is nothing wrong with the police officers, they register complaints (cases) with the police officers. The jobs of these police officers are in jeopardy.

(2.) Insurance up to Rs. 4 million



can be claimed on life and property from a cylinder flower?
Under a public liability policy, if there is no reason to have a cylinder cap in your home and you know you have to immediately claim an insurance cover from the gas company. Let me tell you that there are 4 million insurance claims from the gas company. If the company denies or postpones your claim, then it can be complained about. If found guilty, the gas company's license is revoked.

(3) Like any hotel they are 5 stars;





you can drink water for free and use the washroom -
According to the Series Act, 1887, you can go to any hotel in the country and ask for water and drink it and also use the washroom of that hotel. If the hotel is small or 5 stars, they cannot stop you. Are If the hotel owner or an employee stops you from drinking water or using the washroom, you can take action. Your complaint may result in revocation of this hotel's license.

(4) Pregnant women cannot be fired


According to the Maternity Benefit Act 1961, pregnant women cannot be fired suddenly. During pregnancy, the owner must pay three months' notice and a portion of the expenses. If he does not do so, then a complaint can be lodged with the government employment organization. This complaint may cause the company to close or the company may have to pay a fine.

(5) The police officer cannot refuse to write your complaint



According to section 166A of the PPC, no police officer can refuse to register your complaint. If he does so, then a complaint can be lodged against him in the senior police office. If the police officer is found guilty. If so, he could face up to 6 months to 1 year in prison or even lose his job.
These are interesting facts, which come under the law of our country, but we are unaware of them.

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