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Its good for mine to have approach in this community. I have discussed earlier on different topics in my daily life routine works and about a lot of others important topics.


Today, i am going to discuss very important thing related to mine sweet country- Pakistan. I considered mine self the ever luckiest persons on earth to have such land which is full of natural resources.

Pakistan an agricultural land: Overview

Pakistanis most of the population is living in rural areas. Peoples living in rural areas mostly depend upon the farming lands or earning.

They work in farms and their life is totally dependent upon agriculture. Pakistanis industrial as well as all related business are dependent upon agriculture system. However, its only the farmer who is known as most important person for the development of country.

Farmers are hard worker in Pakistan

Peoples life too is totally dependent upon farmers hard work. Peoples wear and fulfill their basic needs owing to the farmers. a farmer life is full of opportunities. he has not any time for his family members . He passes his full day in farms land.


Agriculture and Pakistan economy:

Agriculture plays a pivotal role in Pakistan economy. According to the news channel Pakistan's economy estimated to be 25.5% of total GDP.

Agricultural products:

Followings are the main agricultural products.

Rice products
Sugarcane farming
Vegetable products

Pakistan's major agricultural seasons:

01: Rabbi season
02: Kharif season

Irrigation system:

Irrigation system is very attractive in our sweet country. Tube well system is fulfilling the agricultural needs in Pakistan.


Some important images of Pakistan's agricultural lands.




Area under cultivation:

Total area of Pakistan which is about 80 million hector, the total land which is under cultivation is around 22 million hector. This thing shows the importance of Pakistan related to agriculture. Pakistanis major source of income is also agriculture.


From the whole discussion its clear that Pakistan is independent in agricultural products due to its natural resources.
And, Pakistan's major population sources of income is agriculture.

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