# Seasonal justice treaty (Knowledge)08-05-2021

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How you all hope that you are all becoming very happy, will be in the preparations for this coming Eid Days.
Today I am going to tell you about of the #seasonal justice treaty, you will all be happy to read hope so.



So let's start :-‏✰‏ ‏✰‏ ‏✰‏

Why don't we make the weather easy in Change.Take winter itself, since everyone has started, as always we have started using warm clothes late this year.


Pose 01:


Pose 02


Fish fry:


In the early days of winter, we live in this month whether to wear a sweater or not?
Rather, some people do not wear sweaters until they see the name of the vegetables wearing a sweater.Why not become their cold in tea weddings.


Coolness of season changing:‏✰‏ ‏✰‏ ‏✰‏

And some tonight we should not wear sweaters.Like saying Mr. has already worn a sweater, where has winter started yet?
Such a people usually wears such a half-sleeved t-shirt since then, but that does not mean to say that it does not feel cold.
Because the season is made by the brother-in-law and and in the mind of the person in the winter season, then these people who want to head, want to show that they have great killing manhood. Now it is obvious that test could not be arranged to check the potency of such people, but even if we understand their own love as a measure, then such people do not fulfill the manly.Because on 1 day of vegetables, they have to wear T-shirts, then there is no hope that the next day the same people will see changes in those bottom levels.
I call such people #seasonal justice treaty.
The harvesting of crops is not just through t-shirt but In fact, these people pull up from this in a week. In other words, If it was used in their house or office till a few days ago, then after a few days these people start running heaters.


What has anyone said:‏✰‏ ‏✰‏ ‏✰‏

"This Living alive is your entire".

Another winter season that I saw recently,There was a lot of lesson.
A man who had insufficient clothes on his body to avoid cold.

Greatness of You:‏✰‏ ‏✰‏ ‏✰‏

A party's banner was being draped in front of the Gaddafi Stadium. In today's situation, perhaps banner cannot be more equal than this.
I hope you will like all this story of mine and you will enjoy my post more and will continue to vote and comment on me.



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"How the weather changes"



You have told about the weather and this situation, you have told the right things and we got a big lesson from the rest of the pictures and what you came up with in writing.

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