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I am glad to participate in this informative contest. In this contest I learn many technical things. I tried my best to answer all posible questions. I hope this post will help you to understand the few technical things about steemit. Let's start.

Five benefits of Power Up your Account

  1. Fisrt of all it increase our Account worth.
  2. Higher Steem Power help the Steemit Platform to maintain the Steem price in Market that indirectly helpful for all Steemit users.
  3. If we have higher Steem Power. It increased our vote Power.
  4. We can provide voting support to each other with out waiting @steemcurrator or @booming support.
  5. If we deligate few amount of steem then we will receive currattion reward on the behalf of Steem Power deligation.

If STEEM value is $1 and you have 5000 Steem Power in your account, explain your vote power and how much curation reward you will earn in a month?

If the Steem price is about $1, and I have 5000 SP in my wallet then my Vote Power is about 0.20 SBD.
I have received 300 Currattion reward in a month on the behalf of 5000 Steem Power.

Do you prefer present Situation or Future planning?

I recommend future planning. because is market is much volatile. I can recommend the present situation.

Explain the Process of Power Up

  • Click the wallet in your profile dashboard.


  • Here you see Steem Power Before Power Up.


  • Before power up you should have few amount of steem in your steem wallet. I have 37+ Steem in wallet.
  • Click on the Drop down icon of Steem.


  • Click on the Power Up Button.


  • Here you enter the, how much steem do you serve for power up.
  • In the first text box you enter your user name.
  • In Next Text box you should enter the amout of steem that you want to power up.


  • Here you should be careful abour from and to. In these text boxes you should confirm that your user name is placed.

  • When you perform power up with your own account then you don't need the Memo it remains blank and click OK button.

  • Here you should enter your private, owner or master key for signing up.

  • Then click on Sign up button.


  • After clicking on sign up button your power up process is done.
    Here you can see the my Steem Power is increased by 30SP. You can varify by visit on my wallet.

Is this Contest is difficult or Easy? Share your point of view.

This contest is difficult for those who are new in Steemit Platform. Because they don't know enough about technical things like Steem Power, Voting Power and Currattion reward. But this Contest is easy for those who are experienced users. They already have enough knowledge about all technical things about Steemit.

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You have given very good information about Steemit, this method is very busy for newcomers.


Thanks for participating the weekly contest.

Your post is really good and well explained in all respects. And the best thing is that you have done power up question very well.

Thank you