Planet Positives Movement - Steem Campaign Through Social and Environmental Actions

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Hello Steemians...
Praise and Gratitude for the Presence of God Almighty, who until today is still given health and life opportunities for all of us and we are still able to carry out all daily activities. this is very worthy for us to be grateful about. On this occasion I took the initiative to make my first post on this community page, hopefully I will continue to contribute here in future.

Basic Reference

Some time ago I saw the rapid development of the Steem For Betterlife community, all steemians must have witnessed it. in a short time this community can reach more than two thousand followers and has contributors of more than three hundred people, if calculated from the last 7 days. it's certainly attracts everyone's attention, I also want to develop like them. The first step I need to do is to contribute here. I think there are many things that I can share here. such as social service actions, about the environment, and about other acts of kindness.

Steem Campaign Through Social and Environmental Actions



Me and my friends really love the tourism ecosystem in the surrounding environment. from several tourist attractions, we have carried out socialization of an environment free of waste, especially plastic waste. at every social action of a waste-free environmental campaign, we wear a steem shirt because every action we take will be reported in the post. indirectly people see steemit activists doing good things for a better future for the earth.



To follow up the socialization action to reduce the use of plastic waste, we also distributed hundreds of environmentally friendly bags to people who passed red lights at the Riyadhah Park in Lhokseumawe City. We make this effort to make the surrounding community aware to reduce the use of single-use plastic bags.

Previously we had collaborated with Steem for SDGS in implementing the program for a better future. the same thing does not rule out the possibility of other steemit activists. I personally support social, environmental and community empowerment actions.

Below is the link for my achievement1:

That's my short article in this first post on the steem for betterlife community page

Best Regards @teukumuhas

Cc @pennsif



diligent, clean the jumbled beach if you are rich😂😂😂😂😂

 3 years ago 

Hehe.. untuk sosialisasi aja kak 😀 bagian dari kampanye

Bagus banget itu kegiatannya,, kalau buat lagi jangan lupa ajak2 kami 😊😊

 3 years ago 

Hehe siap kak

 3 years ago 

Good job. 🤗👍. Kegiatan yang patut di tiru . Good luck ya 🤗

 3 years ago 

Hehehe.. terimakasih buk support nya ☺️

 3 years ago 

Sama2 🤗

Sesudah ambil sampah jangan lupa letakkan kembali 😅😅

 3 years ago 

Buang pada tempatnya

Hello bro : @teukumuhas
Silahkan pasang link Achievement1 di akhir postingan anda untuk kedepannya agar akun anda terverifikasi di komunitas, jangan lupa dukung #club5050 dengan power up minimal 50% dari penghasilan anda.

#club5050 #club75 #club100


Cc @klen.civil

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Saya sudah mengedit dan sudah memasang link achievment1, mohon segera diverifikasi. Terimakasih

cc @klen.civil

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Terima kasih

 3 years ago 

Baik Bg. Terimakasih kembali 😊

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