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Selamat berjumpa kembali sahabat steemians.!

Pada kesempatan kali ini saya akan kembali mengikuti kontes Steemit Engagement Challenge Season 5 Week 2 yang di selenggarakan oleh tim komunitas steem for betterlife dengan pada pada kali ini yaitu Natural Disaster In My Place.

Dalam acara kontes ini saya juga mengajak teman-teman saya lainya untuk berpartipasi dalam kontes ini, saya turut mengajak @elrazi , @fajrulakmal99 dan juga @whalewinners untuk meramaikan kontes menarik ini.

Natural Disaster In My Place

Disaster is a tragedy that occurs as a form of warning to humans because of human actions in destroying the environment and besides that disaster also includes a warning from the almighty for the disobedience committed on the surface of the earth.

The natural disasters that are happening now are also partly caused by the failure of humans on the surface of this earth to preserve this nature by protecting the environment around them and one of the causes of the flood disaster is that many residents destroy the forest by illegally cutting down large trees and thus there is no absorption of water. during the rainy season and floods occur in the community.

In north aceh especially in recent years, every year the people of north aceh always face floods that hit in their respective areas, this is caused by overflowing river water due to the weakness of the retaining embankments in every river in aceh and even the absence of embankments at all like Rivers in one of the sub-districts in North Aceh, namely Maturekuli and Lhoksukon.

In addition to the actions taken by some people in destroying the environment and forests, these frequent disasters also occur because of the leaders who fail to regulate and fix this problem in dealing with the causes of this flood disaster and the government must be responsible for what happened to what happened. at the moment.

Where I live now in the village of Tanjong Baroh, Samudra Subdistrict, which is a village surrounded by the Krueng Pase River, along the Krueng Pase River there are several points where the river embankment is cut off due to the weakness of the river embankment and overflowing of river water such as in Tanjong Village. awe, madan and also in the geudong area, namely in the village of Mancang.

Madan village is my neighboring village which is prone to breaking the river embankment and in the past two years the river has overflowed three times and the village where I live which is a neighboring village also felt the impact of the flood because the overflowing river water reached our place.


the condition in front of my house in the flood on 6 october 2022


Affected area

At the beginning of this October, the people of North Aceh generally felt the impact of the flood disaster which was caused by overflowing river water and severed river embankments in the area.

In aceh, the areas that become routine points and become frequent occurrences of flooding are the sub-districts of Maturekuli, Pirak Timu, Baktiya, Tanah Besar, Lhoksukon City and also other sub-districts in North Aceh which always feel the impact of flooding at home along the Krueng Pase River which covers the Samudera District. and surrounding.


IMG_20221018_195154.jpgflood in lhoksukon city

How do they cause destruction?

Flood disaster is something that is not wanted by the community, even though the community still accepts it patiently with all their heart because this is a disaster or trial that happens to them.

The flood disaster is a big loss for the community because the impact of the flood can damage their home facilities by being under the current by the flood flow so that after the flood recedes residents repair it by spending a lot of money to rebuild their homes.

In addition to the destruction of the houses they live in, with the occurrence of floods, the community's steps in their work activities are cut off to find their economic resources to support their families and therefore they are very concerned about the impact of the flood disaster.

How are people affected?

In addition to the destruction that occurred in residential facilities and hampered in carrying out their economic activities, with the occurrence of this flood disaster, the community was also very disturbed in carrying out their daily activities such as taking children to school, going to places of worship and also other activities carried out by the community. they.

In addition, with the impact of the flood, many people were disturbed by their health with many diseases such as fever and itching brought on by the dirty environment brought by the flow of the flood water.


Most likely cause

Talking about the cause of the flood disaster in North Aceh, in my opinion, it is because of the illegal logging of fresh trees in large forests carried out by irresponsible people with the aim of improving their economy and not paying attention to the impacts that occur in the future, because they cut down a lot of trees in the forest. the absorption of water is sufficient or adequate during the season so that is the cause of the occurrence of big floods.

The other factors are the government's slowness in responding to the emergency before the occurrence of forgetting and the eruption of river embankments and also negligence in the government that cares about this with budget preparations in making strong embankments for handling floods, in addition to the lack of security in the forest in the case of felling trees in Indonesia. forest.

Was there any prior warning from the Government?

in terms of preparing for this emergency response, the government always forms a team to handle this flood problem and has informed the public to be aware of the occurrence of flooding in the north aceh area, therefore before the flood, the government has prepared various teams and tools for emergency response assistance in when flooded.

What can you do in such a situation?

when the flood hit around my place of residence and in my hometown, all we could do was prepare a high place by lifting important items to a higher place in the house and protecting the family from being dragged by the flood waters.

as for the preparations that we did in the village, namely setting up a public kitchen to cook at every meal time so that there would be no hunger because many residents could not cook food at home because they were drowned by the flood waters.




That's my post today for my participation in this contest with the theme Natural Disaster in My Place. Thank you for reading my post.




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Terima kasih sudah mengundang saya di kontes yang sangat luar biasa,,

Semoga sukses kawan 🎉

Jangan lupa singgah juga di postingan saya 😁

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Sama-sama @fajrulakmal99,, saya akan singgah di postingan anda sekarang

 last year 

Terima kasih telah menyebut nama saya dalam penulisan yang penuh keterampilan.
Sukses terus untuk anda, @mahyulmaulana
Saya akan segera menyusul dibawah entry anda, dan saya tertarik dengan tema yang satu ini.

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Terimakasih banyak @elrazi atas komentar dari anda,, semoga saya selalu bisa memperbaiki penulisan saya menjadi lebih baik,, 🙏


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Es doloroso ver por todas las cosas que pasamos en diferentes países pero tienes algo de razón, hay muchos que hacen viviendas en sitios no adecuados y muchos de los líderes no resuleven los problemas para evitar los desastres .

Éxito en tu entrada

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Your post is very well presented. This flood is a very harmful disaster, floods hit more or less all countries. It also causes a lot of damage in river flooding areas in our country. Flooding in urban areas is very difficult for people. Good luck to you. Thank you for sharing your beautiful post with us.

 last year 

thank you @max-pro for being here in my post,,

Wow, the flood was quite big which I saw until it closed the main road, but it was very funny to see the children playing with the floodwater 😄

 last year 

Floods can highly affect the economy and life style of the community. Anyway, the kid is totally enjoying it... 😆😅

It's great to see that all are helping together as a community. Good luck with the contest

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