Welcoming the birthday of Prophet Muhammad, the ruler of all worlds



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Enthusiasm of the community to commemorate the birthday of the hero of the natural revolution, the last prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, where 12 Rabi'ul Awal is the day of his birth, the messenger of Allah to bring mercy to us all, the bearer of Nature from the ignorant world to the Islamic world, where women do not There is a price at all, a mother who is about to give birth is also very despicable if she gives birth to a daughter, this is the era of ignorance. With the birth of Muhammad to change the human mind on this earth, and bring people to Islam.

Prophet Muhammad was an orphan, his father died while still in the womb, his mother died when he was young, no property was left behind, and was raised by his uncle Abdul Mutallep, the struggle to bring Islam on earth sent by Allah, and changes in morals. humans so that we can experience life like this.


Muslims around the world will welcome the birthday of the last prophet Muhammad sallallahualai wassalam every 12 rabi'ul early, just like tonight we village mature keh pirak timu sub-district held a remembrance to welcome the birthday of the Panghulu universe.

mothers prepare food in their respective homes to be served after the remembrance is complete, and attend the remembrance as a form of love for the noble last prophet, and hope for intercession on the Day of Judgment. Where on the Day of Resurrection no one can help us, think about ourselves, all our actions we will be responsible for in the presence of God, only the prophet Muhammad can intercede for his people, we are lucky as his people.

as well as other regions will also commemorate the same thing, in mosques and take up to three months to commemorate it, especially in aceh. inviting orphans and orphans and the poor to enjoy dishes served by the local community as a form of love for the prophet and hoping for intercession in the afterlife.




in remembrance will be read promised, about the apostle and the story of the apostle and salawat for him.

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