After a long time there was an experience||I ate ripe mangoes

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Time goes by very fast, time goes by at its own pace, this is normal.The mango season started a few days ago and now the mango is no longer available as before because the mango season is coming to an end.However, mangoes are still available in some trees, but these mangoes ripen too late and are still available at this time.However, there is a slight difference in the varieties of mangoes. These trees are not common everywhere, very rarely.

I probably ate this kind of mango at my aunt's house when I was a child because my aunt house is in the south area and these trees are available in the south area in our country. The most interesting thing is that now the mango trees have come to our northern region in a new way and many people have now planted these mango trees and they are also getting fruits now.
These Mangoes are called langra mangoes and the biggest feature is that these mangoes are very long and take a long time to ripen.Today after a long time I went to visit my grandfather's house and a farmer on one of our lands has cultivated this species of mango new and so I went to his garden today and when I went there I was pleasantly surprised to see these mangoes planted with great care got very nice results at the end of time.
I first tried to walk around the garden well and then talked to the guy well, he told me all about this mango and I was very impressed to hear and he finally let me eat a mango and after eating that mango I was pretty got complacency.
Well I will try to give a review about this mango tree and mango like me now. I hope you like it.Basically, these trees bear fruit from a young age, but when they grow up, they bear more fruit. The biggest thing is that these mangoes ripen very late and it is also fun to eat them.These mangoes are very tall to look at but when raw they are a little sour and when ripe they are as sweet as sugar.
All in all, today's experience was very nice for me and I ate this variety of mango after a long fall and I liked it very much and had a great time. I tried to take some pictures. I hope you like the pictures.