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RE: HIVE UPDATE + [Daily roundup #615]

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Hey Patrick! @dubignyp

There are 2 things which I really hate - liars and idiots. You fit both profiles perfectly.

  • You will be banned from Photofeed and all my other photography related contests/events for lifetime.

Have a good day!


Edite : Beautiful story...

No! You got fired because you blocked me imminently after I politely asked you what the problem is. There is no need for me to tolerate your stupid behavior. If you have a problem with Photofeed just go somewhere else!

Edite : Beautiful story...

@worldcapture , the guy who asked you politely is me, the owner of Photofeed

And to this day you never unblocked me. Just another one of your lies:


Greetings to Lausanne!

Yes, like I said, I understood afterwards. But, if I unlocked, but it does not matter. I use my Steem for personal blog, I will not go on forever in this discussion it will not change my interest in my blog.
Good continuation.

Have a good day! :))

trdo! zut