How do you deal with difficulty in understanding a particulr subject?

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Often times, i had difficulties understanding some subjects as a student during my days in secondary school.

I realised that these few subjects aren't difficult to grab but then why do all my efforts to assimilate them prove abortive?


There is a price to pay for everything you desire , including understanding those subjects !

You deliberately didn't pay the price or you didn't know the price to pay for your desire !

I don't mean "blocking " the teacher !

You were not studious enough or you didn't adopt the right method of studying those subjects .

Whenever you identify the price to be paid for anything , paying it becomes easy and the results is success and or joy !!

Your level of interest for a particular subject mostimes plays a vital role. Whatever you find interest in, has a way of helping you grab quick whatever it is all about.
Yeah!.so I would say that maybe there was little or no show of interest in that particular subject, thereby reducing the level at which you ought to assimilate