Caring for a new baby: why so frustrating?

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It's one thing to give birth and another to care for the new baby. Caring for little children can be so frustrating. Their cries and tantrums is off the hook, yet we do it. Child birth comes with joy but the work aspect is another version.

Why can't it be less frustrating?😩
Mothers definitely will understand more?
What's your take on caring for little kids


Frustrating?? No!!

Caring for Children is as "frustrating " as any other responsibility . It depends on your mindset !

Hmmmm. Have you given birth before? Have you had to breastfeed and nuture a baby before. This is far from mindset. It's frustrating. It's frustrations are on a different level entirely. I don't know your gender but maybe you would understand if you are a woman.

Your mindset is influenced by your gender ! But some women see it as leisure , having been called into it by nature !

Pressure and Pleasure are segregated by mindset; both are burden founded .

You may ask a barren woman how burdensome it would be if God blessed her wiith twins !🤣