I had A Great Time Shopping With Steem At One of Ghana's Biggest Retail Centers, Promoted Steem with My Shirt

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Going out wearing the steem shirt is one of the many strategies we may use to promote steem. Customers or users of a product are frequently given branded shirts because producers believe it is an effective way to raise brand recognition.
I clearly got the message when I first received my steem shirt. The shirt is to be used to promote steem.

Being an entrepreneur and also promoting business on Steemit, it's important that I also join in the campaign that seek to achieve mass adoption of Steem. On my part, my customers and people that I meet from time to time are those that I talk to about steem. The steem branded shirts look attractive and it's eye-catching.

Wearing the steem shirt around is the same as becoming a steem brand influencer. I believe it is the appropriate promotional tool to increase the exposure of steem wherever you may go with it. I've decided to wear it whenever I go somewhere where there are a lot of people to help promote steem.

I recently wore it while shopping at Melcom, a popular shopping mall. I arrived around 5 p.m. and was able to select a few items that I would personally use. As I went around the shop looking for the items I needed, I realized I was becoming the center of attention as I tried on different sections of the store. It felt good in any case; I'm the type of person who enjoys being admired by others.






I tried to engage a few of the shop employees by inquiring about product prices and also talked about Steemit with anyone who seemed interested. I moved around for a for sometime until I was able to get all of the necessary goods. Nice shopping it was

 last year 

#club5050 😊

Looking so good in your steem shirt, 😊

 last year 

thanks for the compliment 😊

Wow...you are doing well promoting steem

 last year 

Thank u my sister, I'm learning a lot from you

Keep promoting steem. Thank you for your write up

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