Why Do you Love Steemit Platform. ( 20 steem prize pool Amazing contest)

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People who have been using Steemit from the beginning to the present really love Steemit a lot. I love Steemit so much. so I have always been with Steemit and will continue to be in the future. Many people who started from the middle , love this platform a lot. I would like to give them some respect for their love. You share a blog with us about your journey of Steemit and win some money. it is not just money, it is a joy prize and honor. so you do delay Share with us the time you spent on this platform, how you spent time here .

  • First of all how did you find out about this awesome platform?
  • Who joined you on this platform?
  • Is he still using the platform or has he left the platform?
  • Do you miss him if he left?
  • How did you spend your good times here ?
  • How did you spend bad times here ?
  • why you join Here.?
  • Create a post by writing everything in a blog and submit it to Steemit .



i have rules:

  • One (1) entry per account.

  • Your entry can present there in any language.

  • You must use the tag #lovesteem & #promo-steem as one of the first five tags.

  • The title of your entry must have the words "Why i Love Steemit Platform".

  • comment your post link here.

  • Resteem this post .

  • contest time is 7 days (End Time: 20 April, 12:00 pm -UTC)


Prize poll 20 steem:

1st place: 8 steem
2nd place: 5 steem
3rd place: 4 steem
4th place: 2 steem
5th place: 1 steem

Cc:- @steemcurator01, @steemcurator02


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great contest...we have a great story to tell,,but I will suggest you indicate the number of words to the rule

 9 months ago 


 9 months ago 
 9 months ago 

I suggest that there is an additional #promo-steem tag in that rule

 9 months ago 

That is so true. It will be helpful in identifying the various entries by participants. Thanks

 9 months ago 


Agradecida de corazón con @rex-sumon por ésta Iniciativa, acá les dejó mi participación:

Heartfelt grateful to @ rex-sumon for this Initiative, here is my participation:


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