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Hello steemian

Last October 2021 we received a sponsorship of #support 100 Steem for the #Promo-steem T-Shirt. In the plan, we will add some Promo-Steem t-shirt prints for the work team. We have a work team, The Youth Steem Community, from that hard work we got support and this is #onehundredsteem Kaos sponsored by Mr. Stephen (SK).

He is happy to announce 100 Steem T-Shirt Sponsorships this time to support us, and we dedicate this achievement to the Young Steem Community Team. We are receiving support to assist in The Youth Steem Community Project (The Youth Steem) to reach and promote Steem to Youth Community in Indonesia. We have conveyed this information to our teammates to immediately prepare and print the Promo-Steem Shirt for The Youth Steem Team.


A few days ago we had a meeting and had a discussion with the team members. In several meetings, we agreed to choose a black t-shirt to be printed on the second t-shirt printing. This is our agreement and it is the result of discussion and planning for the future.

We also agreed to add a t-shirt which was previously made by our chairman @bangmimi and now he wants to add some clothes for Indonesian youth and some changes to the logo that we attached to the proposal, we aim that this Logo can be used in the long term . We do this work to better show the character of the Youth Steem Community, then we hope that the logo can also support in developing our Vision and Mission to achieve #Promo-Steem to Indonesian Society and Youth.


Obtaining sponsorship support will facilitate our work in implementing the programs we have planned in the future. We aim to develop the Youth Steem Community to be more popular and well-received by the Indonesian people and youth.

We from the youth team have received 100 Steem funds from Mr. Stephen, he has transferred it to the Steemit wallet in the youtsteem account. We have planned to print the first 10 t-shirts, 100 Steem is enough to pay for 10 t-shirts. We have also contacted the T-Shirt Shop for negotiations and requested to immediately prepare our T-shirt printing project.

The official The Youth Steem Community t-shirt has been printed, then it will be directly distributed to team members. As we have written in the proposal, we will distribute the t-shirts to members and sympathizers of The Youth Steem team. Here are 10 names who will receive and get the first #Promo-Steem T-Shirt Youth Steem Community are as follows:


The Youth Steem Team

NumbAccount NameTeam RoleSize
4@abelanar11Public RelationsL


And I also use clothes that have been made to promote in various places, both tourist attractions and public places so that those who do not understand steem can understand and ask me and can share knowledge through promotion of logos on clothes.







We from the youthsteem team have distributed Promotional T-shirts from The Youth Steem team to several team members, we have also prepared the documentation. There are only a few that we haven't sent yet, because some team members are out of town. In distributing this Promotional T-shirt, I immediately intervened with @bangmimi and @teukumuhas. This is the initial preparation to prepare for the #Promo-Steem campaign activities in Indonesia.

As Steem and blockchain develop, the popularity of Steemit users is increasing in the world. The country of Indonesia also has many active users who contribute to this Steemit platform, so we care about the influence and development of Steemit in Indonesia.

So The Youth Steem aims to support in introducing Steem and Steemit to the Indonesian people in general and in particular to Indonesian Youth. We want to inspire people to be active and creative in creating content on Steemit media. We will invite them to be consistent and creative, then invite them to help introduce this Steemit to other people, such as friends, relatives, family and those closest to them.



This is the first step to support #Promo-Steem work. Next, we have plans to hold Meet Up, Workshop and Promo-Steem events in Indonesia. We have a desire to introduce and develop this Team or Community to many people so that the Youth Steem Community becomes more popular. We work with team members, some young Indonesians who are active and creative in being creative on Steemit. We support each other and share experiences, so we will work together in developing "The Youth Steem Community" for the people of Indonesia. Greetings Indonesian Youth.


Let's go to Join the #Promo-steem Community If you have a #promo-steem activity, I'm happy to invite you to contribute to the PromoSteem panel, this is the right place. PromoSteem is open to everyone who is active and who wants to play an important role in bringing more people to Steemit.


Who am I ?
I am a citizen journalist in our area, a graduate student of the Lhokseumawe State Polytechnic, I am active in the #promo-steem community and act as a member in promo-steem, on Steemit I actively participate and do #promo-steem activities, I am a local football player who is in Indonesia and I have been playing football for a long time and also follow some local leagues in Indonesia. For that reason, I am active in steemit and play football, I have the idea to promote steemit to football teams in Indonesia by making proposals so that they can be sponsored to support the team that was formed.


♨️ PromoSteem Community ♨️

Thanks to : @steemcurator01 , @stephenkendal, @pennsif, @kevinwong, @steemchiller, @xeldal, @ernaerningsih

PromoSteem Team
@arie.steem, @ponpase, @pojan

Promoters Team
@mcsamm - Ghana
@nattybongo - Ghana
@oscarcc89 - Venezuela
@saracampero - Venezuela
@talktofaith - Nigeria
@ngoenyi - Nigeria
@shahidchoudary - Pakistan
@ashkhan - Pakistan
@msharif - Bangladesh

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Thank you @muhajir169 we're congrats on campaigning and we've also been awarded three times for sponsorship, and it's great! support #Club5050, Steem On!

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Welcome , I hope we can grow together

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Thanks, hard working dan never afraid about wrong!

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Cool 🤗👍

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