How to protect your social media from being hacked

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Do you know that your social medias can be abused by cyber-criminals ?



Cyber-criminals are people who conduct illegal activity using computer such as phishing scheme and viruses.

how to protect yourself from cyber-criminals (social engineer).

We have to know that this category of people are very smart and they make smart movement as well. So for that case we have to apply this Technics in our various social media application or website.

Creat strong passwords:

Creat a strong passwords by mixing up latter, number and symbol to prevent it from easy hacking. Also make sure that you use different password for each of your social media platforms and lastly as a password manager always prevent multiuser using same password in any platform been created.

Steamit are very good at this, "having secured and unique password which will be very hard for any cyber-criminals to hack". I really appreciate steamit for their security.

Edit your followers and friend list

Always do some cleaning in your friend list and follower. It is recommended to choose only friend that you know, trust and people that keep in loop about your life. A friend of yours can be a cyber criminal and also set your account to private so that your post are invisible to strangers.

Think before you act

Social engineers hack many platform, and this way of their hacking their victims are people who act rashly and quickly because of strong emotion, fear, sadness or anger.
If any massage or notification enter into your phone or pc which require quick responds, always check out these:

  1. Check the link by hovering on it using mouse.
  2. Be careful because of some links preview include slight misspelling of legitimate website.
  3. Skip direct message from people you do not personally know.
  4. If a friend send you a link please clarify if he is the one, it could be that his account has been hacked.

Now you have gotten some tip to keep your social media accounts safe from being hacked you have to add all these check if you are a victim .

Technics hacker's do use to hack social media accounts.

These era, social media have been our daily routine where we discuss important issue, private issue and even financing issue. This is why hacker's find it easy to get your private details and use it against us. These are the following way they work.

  1. Phishing Attack

Phishing Attack is one of the way hacker's get to know our private details.

How does this work ?

Hacker's get to make a Login page that looks legitimate but fake and share it with victims to get login into fake site.
Because people find it difficult to differentiate between real and fake sites.

Cautious hint

Double-check the URL before entering your credentials or any personal information. Note. Do not login with message and emails.

  1. DNS Spoofing

DNS Spoofing is a type of malicious attack wherein a user is forced to navigate to a fake website page created to look as legitimate website.

Spoofing attack can cause several security issue for a long period without being detected.

Cautious hint

Learn to manage your DNS server and firewall security.

  1. Key logger

Another great method hacker's get your identity is using "key logger" it is programed by hacker's which use pattern of keys of keyboard typed by the user.after that, it immediately generates a file of that key pattern and sends it to the hacker's computer through the internet.
Keyloggers can also be installed through the webpage script. This is done br exploiting a valuable browser, and the key logger is launched when the user visits the malice site.

Cautious hint

Always download software From trusted sites and avoid open Phish email.

  1. Cookies cracker

Hacker's steal the session tokens from Cookie, and with the help of a session user are able to login to their account. The token can be contacted by influencing user device with malware so that the computer can steal the cookies.

Cautious hint

Never use public WiFi, and always try to clean off cookies from browser every day or every 3-4 days.

  1. Middle attack

This method is done when a hacker privately steal and alter a communication between a sender and the receiver. A user may think he is communicating with a legitimate user unknown to him is a hacker and on this process a user may decide to give out a private information which will be dangerous.

Cautious hint

Always use an antivirus software that can detect an unknown user

I hope you learnt something in this article. Thanks

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