PromoSteem T-shirt Design by @calipo09

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Hello steemians of this wonderful community. It’s been a while I visited this community. However, I have come back with full vim. About a week ago I saw a contest which was about creating of t-shirts but sadly I couldn’t participate in the contest due to a few challenges. However, I went on to design a t-shirt with the aim of promoting steem and I taught it wise to share it with the wonderful people in this community.

promosteem tshirt.jpg

I believe with my graphic design background creating pieces like this one will go a long way to promote this wonderful community and steemit as a whole.

 2 years ago 

Hello !
I am glad that you posted in #promo-steem but my friend there are some standards defined for posting. Here you could have wrote more and could have done a proper Promotion.

Here i also want to add that we value our verified members more so i suggest you to get a label. Here is guideline about how you can get a label .

Thanks for being here 🙂

Thanks for the information.

 2 years ago 

It is creative.

 2 years ago 

Thank you for your good work friend but Please follow new rules of community. You have to make a post of minimum 300 words. Please try to follow community rules. Next time try to write more than 300 words in your post. I really appreciate your work.
Steem on.

Thank you and i hope to do as such in my next post

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