CONTEST "Children's Drawings": Week #5 - cake

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Hello everyone. In our not very quiet time, they brought us a competition with cakes, thanks @strawberrry for that.

I have an artist, so let's get to work. After writing a sketch and a couple of clarifying questions, this wonderful cake appeared.


Pencils and felt-tip pens were also used, they tried as best they could, they wanted to add more balloons, but they didn't have time, the background had already been painted over. The main thing is the cake turned out to be great. Thank you all and take part in the competition
I also invite you to take part in the competition @anna-fierro @yasiraraf

 last year 

правильный тортик ))

 last year 

Nice cake.

 last year 

Спасибо за участие, рисунок великолепен!

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