Pandemic, climate change and conflict global human and animals life

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The importance of climate is immense. We can't avoid it if anyone wants to. The climate of each country is different. The life of the people and animals of a country depends on this climate.


What is the climate? Climate is an average of 30-40 years of weather in a country or a large region. And the main reason for the massive change we see in this climate is the increase in carbon dioxide. Climate change is so great that we can live in this world for the people today. For all of this, the world is a perfect place for humans and animals to live. And the climate is very important for everything that human beings need to survive.

Climate change consequences:

As a result of climate change, a miserable situation has come down in the lives of human beings and animals. Lack of fresh water for birth means that the water that people drink is getting scarce day after day. Sea levels continue to rise, and if they continue to rise, in a few years a large part of the earth's south will become uninhabitable for humans and animals. Big natural disasters occur every year due to this climate change. And after natural disasters, people in the affected areas are affected by food and various waterborne diseases but they do not have enough money to buy medicines. Many wild animals die due to such natural calamities. For this film we are constantly seeing how much the global temperature has risen.

How to prevent:

But carbon-di-oxide as well as us are responsible for this massive change in climate. Because it is seen that we are destroying the forest plants unnecessarily. Because for this forest we get timely rain and we get the oxygen we need without which we cannot survive. Must be sympathetic to forest animals. Fishing in the river should be avoided by using pesticides because it is seen that fishing in the river or using khalek is more spoiled than the fish we catch. This results in a shortage of fishery resources in the river and which is very much needed for a river or sea. Just as humans need to beautify the world, so do marine fish.


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