Life Changing Motivational Speech

in Steem Schoolslast month

Life Changing Motivational Speech

Different person is different life style. But it doesn't matter. We see that one of the two children of a family succeeds in life while the other remains in the same old condition. This type of life-sustaining effect is responsible for this.

Lessons from the family:

When a child is born and gradually grows up, he continues to learn from his family. Her primary school for a child is her family. And a child has a lot of family responsibilities to move his life forward properly. Perhaps because of poverty some families are unable to give their child those opportunities despite wanting to. However, this is not an exception.

For example, we see that children from poor families move forward with good results in educational institutions. But there is no one beside him to increase his strength a little.

On the other hand, I see that the Dulal children of that rich family have a little less talent but the support of their family takes them far.

What should the lifestyle be like:

In fact, not all families are rich or poor. But in my opinion, parents of a family should raise their child in such a way that they can never think of it, rich or poor. In this case, it can be seen that when this child of a rich family is studying in an educational institution, if his classmate is poor, he will extend a helping hand to him. This little help can take the child of that poor family to the golden peak of success. And if our society continues like this, then one day it will be seen that our whole country is a symbol in the world.

Why it is need:

And if such thoughts are not created by our family in our society, then one day we will not be good. Because being good alone does not fall into any good. Because when we are in danger, our neighbors next to our house are the first to come to our danger. But then our relatives can know these problems.