If You act like Tree, You will become in a million Years Free...

in Steem Schools2 years ago (edited)

Oh, God Help me Understand,

That I don't Have Many Friends,
That if I have consciousness like Tree,
I will become in million Years Free...


What can I do, if someone has no Brain,

Will my try to Help be in Vain,
Oh, They don't know, what They Do,
And this is not Great Mood...

Oh, Oh, the Truth They will never Get,

One day, maybe the truth They will Meet,
Maybe some intelligence will pass the longest Freeway,
And Miracle will happen Any Way...

We Need Freedom, We don't Need Censorship, We need Freedom...

Original photo by Pixabay


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Thanks for the valuable posts on your page
I am grateful to be here in the community with you with love and respect No monopoly No racism No discrimination This is what we need Love, appreciation, respect and cooperation
I will be happy to join my page and support me permanently
Vielen Dank für die wertvollen Beiträge auf Ihrer Seite
Ich bin dankbar, mit Liebe und Respekt hier in der Gemeinschaft zu sein. Kein Monopol. Kein Rassismus. Keine Diskriminierung. Das ist es, was wir brauchen. Liebe, Wertschätzung, Respekt und Zusammenarbeit
Ich werde mich gerne meiner Seite anschließen und mich dauerhaft unterstützen
페이지의 소중한 게시물에 감사드립니다.
나는 사랑과 존경, 독점, 인종 차별, 차별이없는 당신과 함께 공동체에 여기에있어서 감사합니다. 이것은 우리가 사랑, 감사, 존중 및 협력을 필요로하는 것입니다
내 페이지에 참여하고 저를 영구적으로 지원하게되어 기쁩니다.

Together towards the top

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