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I need help. I discover that saying sorry is difficult for me. I had an experience yesterday and this morning and If I should make it in marriage I must deal with this.
Throughout yesterday me and my fiance were together helping me get my dad's health fixed, moving with me to sites for measurements etc
At a point he said he was hungry and told me to drop him at a junction so he could buy fried yam to eat while I dash home to see my parent and come back to join him.
So I went home, and my mum asked me to help her fill gas, which I did.
So when I returned with the car to pick him, he was still at the fried yam point and was socializing with those sellers.
I was mad and I talked to him embarrassingly before those people.
I thought by the time I returned he had finishes eating and just jump into the car.
He told me if I don't want to take the yam and I screamed no!. I don't even know why I spoke like that to him.
So we drove out and he said he wanted to fuel the car for me but I was still complaining about he incidence. He got angry and told me to take my car home.
My mum had given some soup for him so I sent it to him through his cousin.
That yesterday after then he called severally but I refused to pick.
This morning he was supposed to take my dad to the hospital and he called early to fix the time.
I was about driving out to meet him so we can go from there but my car didn't start so I called him and he came over to fix it.
Do you know after he did that, he spoke to me that he didn't like the way I talked to him that yesterday and that I have a problem with saying sorry. And he's not comfortable about that.
Even when that time my mind was telling me I was wrong. But till now I can't say sorry. What can I do please?

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